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I must say that it's downright decent of the Michael Jackson jurors to have cleared that act up in time for the next act in "America 2005: Bread and Circuses!". Because, you know, it's just so damned exhausting to have to split one's attention.
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It's ironic that the first letter to the editor in this morning's St. Pete Times came the day after I realized how incredibly poor the care I'm receiving right now is, in comparison to the care I received last year in Canada. (First of all, I am incredibly suspicious of anyone who says "the Canadian system ran out of money in December", given that each province has its own health care system. Obviously, he's ignorant enough of how it works that I really question the veracity of everything he's saying. And since my mother's worked in that system for thirty five years, I think I'd remember her coming home one day in December and saying "I don't have to go into work for the rest of the month". That never happened. I'm calling bullshit.)

So anyway. I went in yesterday to get bloodwork done in preparation for the planned test on Monday/Thursday. I've been off my meds since late April. Six weeks. I was told by the hospital scheduling people to come in on June 2nd for the bloodwork. So in I toddled, only to be told (when I asked) that the results wouldn't be back for 3-5 business days.

I started screaming bloody murder. I phoned both my doctors, I went over to radiology/nuc med, I phoned nuc med and left a message, since they'd left for the day.

Good thing too. I got a phone call this morning from nuc med, in which we started to get things sorted out. The nuc med unit secretary phoned the doctor's office, and then phoned me back. The results were already back, which is good.

But my TSH, after close to six weeks off meds, is 2.13.


It needs to be >30.

So, needless to say, I won't be having the procedure next week. We're tentatively rescheduled for 2 weeks from Monday.

And yet, if I'd just been a sheep, if I hadn't kicked and screamed and kicked and screamed, I would have gone in on Monday, swallowed the pill, and then found out that it wasn't going to do any good.


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