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Well, the kirtle took longer than expected, because I got to the pleating for monkeys part and realized that I'd made an error in judgement oh so many months ago when I started the project (for those of you keeping track of these things, this kirtle was originally started for Project Snowbell. Yeah. That long ago. 2007 really wasn't a good project year, between the two moves, the two jobs, and the massive amount of socializing I've been doing. 2008 will be better.)

Anyway, the skirt is made from four panels. When I put in the opening, which goes to the back, I put it in one one of the seams. However, that puts the seam opposite to the opening right front and center. And since there are no pleats there, it would have meant a big seam right down the front. Yes it would have been covered up by the forepart. But *I'd* have known it was there. (You're with me on this one, right, Brigit?)

I can only conclude that, last December, I thought it was acceptable. Obviously, I was wrong and dumb. I'm better now.

So I had to close up the old opening, and then cut a new slit, and then finish that opening. By hand, of course, because otherwise it would look stupid.

I did take pictures. I'm really happy with it, though I do need to get some ribbon to finish the inside waist seam. However, that will wait til its safe to drive. Also? GD, but am I ever glad that this sucker's made from silk, not wool or linen. (My sewing machine agrees, as it pants and wheezes a bit over in the corner after getting through those pleats.)

Now, to the French Hood.
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Happy birthday to Utsi, whose birthday party I'm missing as I type. I hope it's been wonderful for you!

I actually kind of like days like today, provided I don't have to go out in them. Since I couldn't get to Toronto, I've designated the weekend as one in which to work on (and hopefully finish at least some of) the projects I've had on the go for the past year; fortunately, my party necessitated getting my sewing room into a state in which I can actually do this.

I slept in this morning til about 11, then went out, briefly, to walk over to Pfennings to get my milk order and some fruit. Then I came home and stayed put.

I've spent the bulk of (that portion of) the day (that I've been awake) sewing, while drinking a pot of tea and watching the 1995 BBC/A&E production of Pride & Prejudice, which is one of my favourite "work on sewing projects" movies. After the whirl of the last two weeks, it's been quite refreshing.

I've so far gotten the bodice completely finished for the Kirtle of the Unbearable Plaid Lining; after the butternut squash soup that's currently warming is eaten, I'm going to pleat like a monkey. Monday night, I've just made a date to go over to [livejournal.com profile] real_jayde's place to put it on, and get the hem cut. I need to figure out what I'm going to guard it with, because I don't have any more of the gold silk. I do, I think, have more of the Unbearable Plaid, but then Brigit would be forced to kill me and hide my body.

Then tonight, hopefully, I'll finish the French Hood I've had sitting, waiting for me, for several months now. Tomorrow, I'll work on the Red Petticoat of Spendiness (I hope to make at least some progress on it, at any rate). And some work for Fortress, but it doesn't seem that onerous.

The radar is showing that Windsor seems to be clear now, and there's nothing behind it on the NEXRAD radar. I'm going to choose to believe that the snow will stop at midnight, as the weather office is promising. I have to go to Fergus late tomorrow afternoon to my Grandmother's for my family birthday dinner.
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This evening, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] the_nita was kind enough to host a stich'n'bitch. I got done all the items that I brought with me to work on:

1) sewed a button back onto my favourite sweater (the button in question fell off before the move back to Canada; did I mention that I hate mending?)
2) fixed a panel for my bed hangings that had ripped about 2 months before I moved from the Kitchener apartment (did I mention that I hate mending?)
3) did the hand finishing on the Cunning Little Coif that will be the base for my new French Hood
4) completed the edge finishing on the waistband for the Red Wool Petticoat of Spendiness

Yay me!

Now I just have to find my awl, which is lost.
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Staying home from practice tonight to dismantle a corn broom. Just to watch it die, as it were.

Well, actually no. To use the broom straw to stiffen a kirtle. But I'm a bit bitter about the skin it took off my hand today, so there'll be a certain satisfaction in its death, beyond just getting the material.
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Not fun anymore. Maybe it'll be fun tomorrow. If not, then I'll go with what I've got, which is accessories. ::shrugs:: Part of the whole thing with Tang is that stuff is supposed to be fun -- if it's not fun, then why do it?.

The accessories are sufficiently fun to wear (and, really, the accessories are where all the work went) that I won't be too disappointed at losing the snowflake fabric.

We'll see.
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Three nights of auditions later, and the totals are in:

on each undersleeve: 42 bells
on the forepart: 180 bells

for a grand total of 264 bells

The rest of it is coming along, too.
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The incomparable cous_cous was kind enough to bid on some fabric on ebay for me, and I've won one of the pieces. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out about the other.

The piece I got today was 4 yards of italian wool in a light brown colour, perfect for the kirtle of the Holbein sketch outfit. The auction that ends tomorrow is for 5 yards of grey wool that's perfect for the gown of the outfit, so cross your fingers for me.

I put the kirtle and gown skirts together for the 12th night outfit - I need to get someone to fit me for the bodices before I can move forward with them, though I suppose I could start on the sleeves. The forepart is thisclose to being finished; tomorrow night at the auditions I hope to get it and the two fake sleeves all beaded and edged. With any luck, that'll leave Friday night at the auditions for the french hood.

I suspect I'm going to take Friday off, since I did work on Monday, and do a bunch of sewing.
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But I ordered my copy of the exhibition catalog last night, along with the music CD.

I also found out that I may be able to order an inkjet print of the Holbein sketch from the Ashmolean, for a mere 15 pounds. Well, plus 25 if it's not been photographed before. We'll see.

And I think I've figured out a way to tackle the hat.
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One absolutely delightful evening later, and I'm completely over the ickiness of the day.

We talked and ate and laughed and talked and (I) sewed, and then we laughed at me for the Forepart of Jingely Doom. (Yes, apparently the world needs to be saved from it. Or me. Or something) And then we talked some more. It was absolutely fantastic to see old friends and make new ones, and the ambient temperature of an 1850's farmhouse was more than made up for by the warmth of the group.

Plus I got the pattern for Odette's french hood, and now also have some new research to start on, too.
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Yesterday was fun, if tiring. I got everything unpacked and put away, and then my sister, b-i-l, and nephew came over and we cleaned. And cleaned. My parents are badly in need of a forced dekippling. Well, Mom, sister, and I cleaned. Dad and b-i-l went out to get a tree and set it up, and took leaves to wherever leaves go (which apparently is not the dump). And nephew ran around being cute and tossing around CDs until he went for a nap. Then we had a fantastic shepards pie (made with lamb, even - my b-i-l and sister raise sheep, and so my parents get a lamb or two a year, albeit wrapped in neat, frozen packages rather than frolicking across the field), and they went home (to feed the sheep). I started the forepart for the 12th night outfit; it's going along swimmingly, and hopefully I'll have it done by the time I go back to work on Tuesday.

We're decorating the tree tonight, I expect, and I still have to wrap my presents. And, of course, get out the present I'm getting from my parents so they can wrap it, since my dad couldn't find where I'd put it.
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Because I am ever-so-slightly mad, I've decided to make a loose gown to go over the kirtle I already have (though, I'm still going to need to modify the kirtle, since it was made about 15 pounds ago and was a bit loose around the bust even then).

Because I'm slightly-more mad, I've decided that I need to do this for Saturday's event.

Because I'm truly mad, I'm handsewing the damned thing.

Yeah. We'll see if the handsewing lasts past the point where I get to the fake fur lining the front.
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ETA: How did I not ever hear about this place? Squee!
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I'm working nightly on the dress diary as I do work, but it's not online yet.

The bodice is all done, including the hooks and eyes, and the skirt is ready to be put onto the bodice.

So tonight it's Pleating for Monkeys for your humble narrator.

With any luck, the entire thing will be done tonight and I'll have time for a charming little coif that I found in the Tudor Tailor.
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Ross is out at the Castle, and I'm home, working on a new kirtle for next Saturday's event.

This particular event, a day of classes, is well beloved to me because it's a one day, inside event. I like those ones. A decreased chance of heat exhaustion is always better. The one deeply unfortunate thing about the event is that the three classes I'm most interested in all occur at the same time. Which means I'm going to have to decide between them. One is Basic Blackwork, which is a skill I've started on, but could frankly use some help on. The second is fingerloop braiding, which I'd really like to learn and haven't done anything more than look at a couple of websites. And the third is making an elizabethan washball. Now, I have absolutely no clue what an Elizabethan washball is (madinia?), but it sounds fun, doesn't it? I'm also torn between Bread and Butter making and period cold process soaps, which occur opposite each other at a different time. If anyone has any thoughts, please share.

This is my first stab at a front-closing kirtle, so wish me luck. I've already broken two needles while closing boning casings; distressingly, I've only been able to find one needle-tip. Wish my feet luck.

The kirtle is a russet linen blend with a funny green coloured linen blend lining; the russet was originally a god-awful eye-assaulting salmonish colour, and the green was originally pink. It was an attempt at Dying Spaniard that was not entirely successful. I dyed with the only light green I could find, and then overdyed it with grey. I ended up with a non-quite-mint colour; I think I left it too long in the light green. I can't get the green to reproduce successfuly with the camera, though I got the russet reasonably well (though with a flash it looks quite brick red).

Pictures will be forthcoming in the morning, I suppose, when I can drag out the fabric into the light of day. Since I have webspace, I should probably use it for something useful, like dress diaries. Yeah, that's it.

On a completely different note, I watched Inside I'm Dancing aka Rory O'Shea Was Here last night. If you, like me, found yourself crushing on Mr. Tumnus (aka James McAvoy) while watching TLTWTW last Christmas, Mr. McAvoy was Rory. Smaller ears, though.

Oh, and...

Jun. 16th, 2006 11:48 am
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Possibly one of the most interesting thing I've come across in the past few days has been a recipe for fake pearls.

Drea Leed has translated and put on her site a copy of the Allerley Mackel, a 16th C collection of household recipes.

The recipe in question is entitled "To make pearls which look like real pearls in all respects". I'm seriously tempted, though not sure where I could get quicksilver.

Anyone got any ideas?
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I got a haircut last night; I was starting to have considerably more hair than face, and I figured it behooved me to reverse the trend. It's cute, and shorter, but still long enough to put up under a hat should the need arise (oh, say, at Summer A&S in two weeks).

Speaking of which, I completely broke the illusions of my hairdresser. She was showing me how to make the most of the natural curl in my hair, and remarking that it's perfect for that "renaissance" look. She remarked that by the time I went to the event in 2 weeks, I'd have the styling down perfectly. I was unfortunately compelled to explain that, generally speaking, tudor women didn't leave their hair uncovered -- they always wore hats. We had a small chat about the impact of certain pre-Raphaelites on the public conception of "Renaissance style".

Speaking of Renaissance style... I'm in the research phase for my next project )
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The vacation was a success, in that I came home with complete vacation brain: "What, I have a job and responsibilities and stuff like that? I'd completely forgotten". Of course, I didn't have that much stress to let go of -- my most oft repeated line to people was "I didn't need a vacation from work, just from Florida".

And, surrounded by my oldest and best friends in the world (save one or two who don't play anymore), that's exactly what I got: good conversations at the camp, time with the Tudor ladies, Friday with 'nora, and general wanderings around with Peter, and Haus Woodard. Plus, of course, the gentle insanity of the combination of Bess, Arnora, and Brigit.

Plus, I TA'd a course with Tang on bodice making, and then she and I did a pickup session with someone who hadn't been able to make it to the scheduled class. I now feel a lot more confident about fitting other people, at least for a 1530's Tudor look.

Mostly, I hung around camp a lot, just being mellow and not having to do anything. I did a very little bit of shopping, picking up some cotton stockings, and this from here. Unfortunately, the web site doesn't seem to have the little tudor dress hooks that I also picked up from him.

The flemish outfit that I did was a huge success, though I need to find a more permanant way of lacing the ribbons on the overdress. The outfit was based on this woman's research and it turned out beautifully. It also fit like a dream (thank you again, cous_cous - you did a perfect job). My next project is going to be this dress, followed by this and then this

And I have no pictures, because I took none.

Now, off to pick up Ross.
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