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Well, the kirtle took longer than expected, because I got to the pleating for monkeys part and realized that I'd made an error in judgement oh so many months ago when I started the project (for those of you keeping track of these things, this kirtle was originally started for Project Snowbell. Yeah. That long ago. 2007 really wasn't a good project year, between the two moves, the two jobs, and the massive amount of socializing I've been doing. 2008 will be better.)

Anyway, the skirt is made from four panels. When I put in the opening, which goes to the back, I put it in one one of the seams. However, that puts the seam opposite to the opening right front and center. And since there are no pleats there, it would have meant a big seam right down the front. Yes it would have been covered up by the forepart. But *I'd* have known it was there. (You're with me on this one, right, Brigit?)

I can only conclude that, last December, I thought it was acceptable. Obviously, I was wrong and dumb. I'm better now.

So I had to close up the old opening, and then cut a new slit, and then finish that opening. By hand, of course, because otherwise it would look stupid.

I did take pictures. I'm really happy with it, though I do need to get some ribbon to finish the inside waist seam. However, that will wait til its safe to drive. Also? GD, but am I ever glad that this sucker's made from silk, not wool or linen. (My sewing machine agrees, as it pants and wheezes a bit over in the corner after getting through those pleats.)

Now, to the French Hood.
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Three nights of auditions later, and the totals are in:

on each undersleeve: 42 bells
on the forepart: 180 bells

for a grand total of 264 bells

The rest of it is coming along, too.
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The incomparable cous_cous was kind enough to bid on some fabric on ebay for me, and I've won one of the pieces. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out about the other.

The piece I got today was 4 yards of italian wool in a light brown colour, perfect for the kirtle of the Holbein sketch outfit. The auction that ends tomorrow is for 5 yards of grey wool that's perfect for the gown of the outfit, so cross your fingers for me.

I put the kirtle and gown skirts together for the 12th night outfit - I need to get someone to fit me for the bodices before I can move forward with them, though I suppose I could start on the sleeves. The forepart is thisclose to being finished; tomorrow night at the auditions I hope to get it and the two fake sleeves all beaded and edged. With any luck, that'll leave Friday night at the auditions for the french hood.

I suspect I'm going to take Friday off, since I did work on Monday, and do a bunch of sewing.
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One absolutely delightful evening later, and I'm completely over the ickiness of the day.

We talked and ate and laughed and talked and (I) sewed, and then we laughed at me for the Forepart of Jingely Doom. (Yes, apparently the world needs to be saved from it. Or me. Or something) And then we talked some more. It was absolutely fantastic to see old friends and make new ones, and the ambient temperature of an 1850's farmhouse was more than made up for by the warmth of the group.

Plus I got the pattern for Odette's french hood, and now also have some new research to start on, too.
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Yesterday was fun, if tiring. I got everything unpacked and put away, and then my sister, b-i-l, and nephew came over and we cleaned. And cleaned. My parents are badly in need of a forced dekippling. Well, Mom, sister, and I cleaned. Dad and b-i-l went out to get a tree and set it up, and took leaves to wherever leaves go (which apparently is not the dump). And nephew ran around being cute and tossing around CDs until he went for a nap. Then we had a fantastic shepards pie (made with lamb, even - my b-i-l and sister raise sheep, and so my parents get a lamb or two a year, albeit wrapped in neat, frozen packages rather than frolicking across the field), and they went home (to feed the sheep). I started the forepart for the 12th night outfit; it's going along swimmingly, and hopefully I'll have it done by the time I go back to work on Tuesday.

We're decorating the tree tonight, I expect, and I still have to wrap my presents. And, of course, get out the present I'm getting from my parents so they can wrap it, since my dad couldn't find where I'd put it.


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