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The vacation was a success, in that I came home with complete vacation brain: "What, I have a job and responsibilities and stuff like that? I'd completely forgotten". Of course, I didn't have that much stress to let go of -- my most oft repeated line to people was "I didn't need a vacation from work, just from Florida".

And, surrounded by my oldest and best friends in the world (save one or two who don't play anymore), that's exactly what I got: good conversations at the camp, time with the Tudor ladies, Friday with 'nora, and general wanderings around with Peter, and Haus Woodard. Plus, of course, the gentle insanity of the combination of Bess, Arnora, and Brigit.

Plus, I TA'd a course with Tang on bodice making, and then she and I did a pickup session with someone who hadn't been able to make it to the scheduled class. I now feel a lot more confident about fitting other people, at least for a 1530's Tudor look.

Mostly, I hung around camp a lot, just being mellow and not having to do anything. I did a very little bit of shopping, picking up some cotton stockings, and this from here. Unfortunately, the web site doesn't seem to have the little tudor dress hooks that I also picked up from him.

The flemish outfit that I did was a huge success, though I need to find a more permanant way of lacing the ribbons on the overdress. The outfit was based on this woman's research and it turned out beautifully. It also fit like a dream (thank you again, cous_cous - you did a perfect job). My next project is going to be this dress, followed by this and then this

And I have no pictures, because I took none.

Now, off to pick up Ross.
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O sweet Southwest Air
Checked limit of three, not two
My tudor can go!


May. 25th, 2005 02:45 pm
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Who's pre-registered for Pennsic? I am!
Who's got a plane ticket to Pittsburg? I do!
Who's got friends who're going to pick her up at the airport? I do!
Who's got a tent lined up for War week? Me!

Who needs to get off her ass and make the swimming costume so that I can start on the pennsic sewing? That would be me, too.


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