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Good morning, Mr. Braid

I'm writing as one of your constituents to express my concern about the announcement on the Canada Revenue Agency website about mail delivery in the event of a strike or lockout (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/gncy/pstlstrk/menu-eng.html).

I am deeply unhappy that the decision was made to deliver CCTB benefits over EI benefits, and I say that as a fully employed Canadian who receives the CCTB. I question the thought processes behind this; did no-one making the decision think that perhaps a program that delivers 100% of a person's income when they can't find work might be slightly more important than the nice supplementary income that at least some people just stick into their kid's RESP? Who made this decision, and was any concern paid to the plight of unemployed Canadians? What will happen to the economy when people cannot pay their rent, pay for food, pay for a bus ticket to the library to look for jobs or to an interview? Is it really the best decision for Canada to push vulnerable people into an even more untenable situation? It's hard enough to escape EI for many people, given the high unemployment rate; if people are made homeless, it will be even harder for them to climb out of the hole.

How is that reasonable or fair?

This is a terrible, terrible prioritization that makes no sense on either economic or moral grounds.Shame on the people who made this decision. This is something that needs to be fixed quickly, before vulnerable people have their situation degraded past the point where they can reasonably be expected to escape it.




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